Underwear Drawer Organizer Clothes Storage Box


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Make Your Life Easier: Put one piece of underwear on each grid to let every underwear have a home! With it, your wardrobe and drawers will not be in a mess again! This will greatly reduce the time of looking for underwear.Now please enjoy the convenience and beauty of life brought by neat storage!
Sturdy and Durable: The advanced non-woven material makes the storage box very durable, so you can use it for a long time! The PP board configured at the bottom and around can make the storage box very three-dimensional and not collapse, which can well maintain the shape of the clothes and not have many wrinkles!The bottom fabric has breathable mesh to keep the air flowing!
Multi-function to Use: Very suitable for storing in the wardrobe, drawer, bedside table and dresser to keep the family clean and reduce clutter.And the interior cell is deepened to accommodate, which greatly increases the capacity!
Easy to Install and Foldable: Each storage box has a bevel zipper at the bottom. You just need to close the zipper to get a storage box. And if you are not using it, it can also be folded in half to save space.

Material: Fabric
Size: 11x32x32 cm
Color: Gray
Quantity: 1pcs/set

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